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Freedom is what you want

Every business issue can be traced back to a personal issue.

Personal conditioning and beliefs are the basis for all decisions. If these patterns are not made aware, business problems will keep repeating themselves. That is why we fully concentrate on that personal awareness. From there we help our clients to develop themselves structurally. Unravel your own complexity and from there take a leap in clarity and effectiveness.

Compromise is the problem

We speak to entrepreneurs and managers on a daily basis, and in the discretion of our personal and confidential discussions, the biggest dilemma of entrepreneurship and perhaps of life in general is almost always the most important dilemma: You strive for personal development on the road to more freedom. But the further you get, the more you feel that you have to take into account others and the more responsibility you carry for others. And that limits your sense of personal freedom when it actually all started! And if you're not careful, you'll find a compromise between what you need and what you want.


"Just because we can't find a solution, it doesn't mean there isn't one"

— Andres Wiles

It is not necessary. There is a simple way out of this issue. You can learn to organize your life in line with your real will. That way you become inspired again and become inspiring for others. We can teach you to work from focus so that energy is not wasted; from rest, so that there is always overview and from firmness, so that your plan of approach has the time to come to fruition. And we can teach you to do that effectively together with others so that not everything depends on you. That is what we have to offer. So do you regularly feel that you are living too much, or do you not always have the priorities completely clear? Just contact us for an introduction. Often one conversation is already very enlightening and you immediately know whether our contribution is something for you.



Yohyon van Zantwijk and Roel Smelt have been working together for 20 years on strategic innovation in large and medium-sized companies. We are experienced entrepreneurs, consultants and Raja Yoga teachers with decades of experience in strategic organization development and technological innovation. The combination of entrepreneurship and Raja Yoga gives us a unique starting position to help people where ultimately it really matters: in their personal effectiveness and freedom.

Testimonies & References

Evert van Bergen - Founder SuitUp

"Emrys academy; a three-day training course that takes you away from the issues of the day and provides a logical insight into the strengths and development points of your company. At Suit Up, this results in an immediately visible efficiency improvement and a clearer definition of our value proposition."

  Marcel Nillesen - CEO Fulltradeventure

"Ik ben gestart met de Academy toen ik nog niet precies wist welke kant mijn bedrijf zou opgaan. Mede door de leercurve tijdens de Academy heb ik beslissingen genomen die hebben geresulteerd in het „hakken van knopen”. Ik ervaar de Academy als een zeer welkome aanvulling op mijn dagelijkse zakelijke aspecten. Ik ben van mening dat sparren met andere ondernemers in een georganiseerde en sfeervolle omgeving resulteert in meer kennis en kunde. Dit kan tijdens de vaste dagen op de Academy met de aanwezige andere ondernemers maar zeer ook daarbuiten met de heren die de lessen verzorgen. Het zet je aan tot verder denken dan de standaard ondernemer. Zeker een aanrader als je stapje hoger op je eigen ladder wilt komen!"

Martin van den Berg - Founder Het Adviesbureau

"I want to describe the Simplicity Cycle session in three words: inspiring, enlightening, applicable. Inspired by experienced people in a pleasant setting. Brightening examples on the basis of a clear model. Applicable methodologies learned on the basis of practical cases and simple exercises."

Independent business consultant

"It is a nice experience. And also educational (!)"

Seffie Treistman - Founder Clinck – smart business cards

"The insights are extremely valuable. The approach is effective and I want to master it. The team super helpful and a source of knowledge."

Laura van Gerner - Project manager Marvers

"I experience Emrys as positive. I also think that offering Management Skills has been a good move. I am better at my job in that position. It is very instructive, it allows you to think carefully about situations and how to deal with them. Issues are discussed, it is nice to have a "teacher" in this area, sparring partner. Of course it always remains the art of how you will eventually apply it in practice. But that is probably a matter of doing and repeating."