The path to simplicity is Honesty and Purity

I have heard managers proclaim it many many times: "Let's keep it simple" and I fully agree. When it's complex we don't understand it well enough and most likely the rest of us is not going to understand it either.

Therefore it is relevant to think a bit more about how to achieve simplicity. In our blog with the title "Complexity" we gave an explanation of our perspective on that subject. Any system with unclear cause-effect relations is complex. When we don't know the correlation between what we put in and what we will get out of it, we're faced with complexity.

We have learnt over time that the 2 most important prerequisites for simplicity are Honesty and Purity. 


We define honesty as our ability and willingness to be truthful to our own feelings, thoughts and personal intentions to ourselves and anyone around us.


We define purity as our ability and willingness to be unbiased towards our feelings, thoughts and personal intentions of ourselves and anyone around us.

So we focus on truthfulness and bias. Obviously the 2 are closely related. But there is a difference: Even being biased, one can be truthful towards this bias. Even being unbiased, one can be untruthful about this. Therefore, the 2 are different, but they need to come as a package-deal in order to be effective.

Only when we are unbiased we can be truly open to new information and learn from it in order to eliminate complexity. Only when we are truthful we can overcome our bias.

Yohyon van Zantwijk