Why our Leadership Program is as it is

It is hard to verbalize what differentiates our program for the many alternatives that the market has to offer. Once people know us individually they have the ability to come to a personal conclusion and decide whether we are the right mentor for them at this moment in their lives. But when communication remains on a written level it is not easy to get the message across.

The one thing that really stands out is the fact that we are serial entrepreneurs that externalized our experiences into a generic methodology. What we teach, both on a personal level and on a business level comes directly from our own insights. In addition to that, we know that even the most experienced and successful practitioner in any profession can only function as an effective mentor when he has translated his experience into scrutinized logic and generically replicable methods. This requires the skill to derive abstraction from experience. In the last 25 years we have fully focussed on precisely that skill. What this means for our qualification as mentor can best be found out in a personal conversation. Therefore we believe that an intake meeting is important before the decision to participate is taken. 

As far as the structure of the program is concerned, we believe that an entrepreneurial leader should have at least the following qualities:

  1. Have sufficient generalist knowledge to cover all subject areas within his company and to manage specialists effectively. 
  2. Have full awareness on what he wants to achieve, both personally and for his company.
  3. Have the ability to radiate his enthusiasm to his environment and win many for his objective with respect for the personal objectives of his peers. He should always search for synergy between the company goals and the personal goals of the team members.
  4. Have personal equanimity. He should have focus and should not get easily distracted by set-backs or alternative routes. This is more difficult than it seems. It requires the ability to see the essence of things and focus on the inherent simplicity behind any superficially complex matter.
  5. He must be predictable to his peers; an open book. Purity and honesty ('what you see is what you get') makes life a lot simpler and these qualities make someone a pleasure to work with.

The first quality explains why our program is so broad. In 13 sessions we cover all major areas of decision making. The other 4 qualities require mastering the process of abstraction; deriving the essence of any complex matter. This again requires the application of razor-sharp analytic skills, not colored by emotions or preoccupations. At the end this requires knowing oneself. 

Therefore the entire program is designed to:

  1. Gain generalist knowledge on a broad spectrum of business subject areas. 
  2. Develop analytic skills on an unprecedented level. 
  3. Become more and more conscious of one's personal convictions, drives and ambitions and the way these characteristics influence one's functioning and decision making

In the process of transferring knowledge we support the immediate application to the personal business objectives because the combination of knowledge and experience provides insight. The program consists of 13 sessions. Between the sessions we support participants in the application of their new discoveries by coaching and mentoring.

Yohyon van Zantwijk